3 Common Myths About Introversion And The Truth Behind Them

Common Myths About Introversion

3) Introverts Are Ambitious

In the fable about the tortoise and the hare, the rabbit may have appeared confident and poised for victory, but the fact is the turtle was calm, quiet, determined, and focused (sound familiar?). He just kept plodding along, undeterred by distractions as he surprised everyone and crossed the finish line first. Introverts embody that same approach as the tortoise.

Fighting all odds, introverts overcome perceptions and biases to achieve. These are often obstacles extroverts never have to confront or appreciate. For introverts to succeed in the face of such adversity is indeed ambitious. Like others, introverts have many dreams for themselves, their family, and their career. They could easily withdraw as the wallflower or loner that Thesaurus.com proclaims, but instead, our tremendous ambition drives us to overcome and succeed.

Introverts have the talents and tools to contribute. When combined with a determined mindset, there is no stopping us. Bill Gates, Eleanor Roosevelt, Warren Buffett, Rosa Parks, and Abraham Lincoln stand as examples of our superpowers, focus, and power.

We don’t have to be famous to make a difference, we just have to be ourselves and share our talents with the world around us.

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Call To Action

Years ago, if someone told me I could socialize, lead, and achieve my dreams I would have curled up in a ball, frozen from anxiety and fear. Don’t be afraid. For those earlier in your journey, it may seem like you are alone but you are part of an army of introverts. You already have the talent to socialize, lead and win. In fact, you are already doing it today!

Our task is to be ourselves, to educate and ease the path for others, and to bring our strengths to the forefront at community events and workplace meeting rooms. I’m not advocating a revolution, I’m suggesting we are part of the diversity and inclusiveness (D&I) wave across society. We have the opportunity to collaborate more with others to improve workplace relationships, decision-making, and problem-solving in order to deliver better for society, our customers, and ourselves.

Written By Steve Friedman
Originally Appeared In Beyond Introversion
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3 Common Myths About Introversion And The Truth Behind Them
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