15 Common Angel Numbers, Signs and Messages You Need To Know About

Angel Numbers Signs Messages Need Know

10. Animals: Birds and butterflies appear frequently on our way to send us messages. It means our angels are here for us and that they hear us. We need to wait for spiritual blessings. A white bird brings about new beginnings, luck, and faith.

11. Rainbows: powerful and magical, rainbows show us we are not alone and that the universe is protecting us. We are encouraged to look toward new horizons as something better expect us.

12. Meaningful messages: Angels can disguise themselves and show us important messages in books or in ads in the street, for instance. “Returning home”, “Trust you now”, “something else is coming” and so forth.

13. Dreams and visualizations: Opening your heart through meditation will unveil profound, deep messages sent by angels in our dreams. We need to follow the path and embrace whatever the message will be.

14. Enhanced intuition: we know we can trust ourselves. Our intuition drives us toward the right path and we know we are where we should be or where we should go. We should listen to the little voice that says to us “that’s right”.

15. Lights and shapes: the light is a great indicator that an angel is on the way to us, telling us “we are here for you. Listen to us”. We need to try to decipher the messages through the light and shapes in objects or in nature.

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We are not alone and angels guide us on the way. When we observe the universe and understand common angel signs, we are in a good place to shape the life we want. By focusing on these signs, we are communicating with angels and can make an impact, change, or bring harmony back to our life.

Common Angel Signs and Symbols and What they mean
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