I Was Interested In Everything

I Was Interested In Everything

I was interested in everything but committed to nothing. — GREGORY DAVID ROBERTS, SHANTARAM

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  1. I don't agree completely. Love is something you give. One never "takes" love, it is always a given emotion. If there's an expectation attached, it's to the person, not the emotion. And being an emotion, it is something that is felt, how do you put an expectation on a feeling? Having an expectation or expecting something in return, shows us we are lacking within ourselves. Once we understand that we alone are responsible for how our life unfolds, then we are truly free. Free of expectations, free of resentments, free of conditioning thoughts. Love for the sake of loving, not for a particular outcome. Truly feel the emotions and leave the rest in the hands of the Universe.

  2. I learned a hard lesson that love is truly unconstitutional. It's a deep soul love that nothing can change. Not even the worse hurt of betrayal from them, not even them not being in your life does true unconstitutional love change.

  3. Sadly, you have not ever experienced LOVE then. LOVE doesn't come with any tags. LOVE is happy with you just Being. Nothing more nothing less. Responsibility on the other hand is just that… commitment. But you are free to believe as you wish, our free will is one of our greatest gifts. Just some thoughts…. LOVE has, is and always will be free ❤ ALL THERE IS (GOD) is LOVE and LOVE is (GOD) ALL THERE IS…..

  4. I agree to an extent, love should be a free ever flowing give and take type of energy. The second i feel i give my love freely and the other just love to take without giving in return, this becomes a dependent relationship which is selfish and uncaring. If you receive, give back. If not,,get out

  5. Disagree.. If it isn't unconditional then it isn't truly Love… True love, regardless, has no price tag, no expectation, no goal, only love.. Is it prevalent, not alot… But, it's the only kind that's true…

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