Colorless Yet Vibrant!

Colorless Yet Vibrant

Colourful is our mother Earth and so are all the beings on it. Colour adds vibrancy and happiness, but what are the names of colours for traits in a human who is innocent, kind, helpful, loving, caring, forgiving, understanding and honest?

The purest form of the soul could have it all and would be called colourless. It is this soul which came on Earth but remained untouched by mother Earth and was not painted in the colours of hatred, selfishness, cleverness, rudeness, unkindness and dishonesty.

So when you get this soul, you will find heaven on Earth. This soul could be you, your child, your spouse, your friend or your parents. But the catch is, we are not used to seeing colourless things.

We see reflected colours most of the time and they are the outer colours of every single object. So we see rudeness, unkindness, hatred etc, but the real colour of any object is colourless and is hidden inside. You need a soulmate to see such souls because both are colourless and see not through eyes but through the heart. That’s the only way to see colourless and pure souls.

Now you can see, Colorless yet Vibrant!

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