Colored Eye – Story of a ‘She’ -Mind Talk

Colored Eye - Story of a 'She' -Mind Talk

When everything was still all bright and colorful around,all her eyes could do was stare blank at things. She was feeling ill and weak day by day though she was healthy, she was falling alone though she was loved by many.

There was no sign of physical illness, and no one was able to see the mental & emotional weakness.She was at a point where she could get drowned in sea of love but could have lost her own self after that. One mistake was expecting from others, words from Buddhism says “letting go is gaining freedom. Once we let go of trying to control everything, life seems to flow with greater ease” but she feared that after this nothing would remain the same…Letting go could turn out to be caring less and hurting yourself less over the act of others because you are not meant for that. Does this act of giving it all and not expecting back exist? Is it that easy? No selfishness comes in between?

She started to care for her mascara more than others, which was fair enough. She started to open up her matted colored lips less and wisely.

She no more depends for her happiness, smiles, tears, scars on anyone.. She has recreated herself, she contains no hate, no jealousy, no selfishness, no complains. She knows that there are still many who are not awake. She goes on spreading love and peace and now she do not question anyone. Answers are within her.

She is a survivor….”She” is every woman around the globe.

Written By Neeta Thapa


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