Color Blindness: 4 Surprising Benefits That You Didn’t Know

Color Blindness Benefits

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People with full-color blindness can apply for posts like Motor Transport Operator, Cargo Specialist, Healthcare Specialist, and Human Resources Specialist. Other posts are – Financial Management Technician, Paralegal Specialist, and Human Resources Information Systems Management.


4. Excel as snipers in airforce and army

The ability to spot contrasts is the least known benefit of color blindness. To make most of this advantage, color blind people were trained as snipers in the military to spot a camouflaged enemy in grass and trees. Because normal people have ineffectiveness of camouflage on their vision.

A story was published on the 5th of August in 1940 in Time Magazine. It describes how a 20-year-old pilot, who was colorblind and observer of the Field Artillery in a plane at Fort Skill, Okla, detected 40 camouflaged artillery fieldpieces on the ground. This artilleryman was actually selected in the team under less rigorous examination. However, a well trained Air Corps observer without color blindness was able to detect only 10 out of 40 camouflaged artillery fieldpieces.

Isn’t it interesting that snipers are no match to the color blind?

There is much debate on color-blind sniper – whether they should be allowed in the airforce and army. Because they are useful only in catching other snipers and war objects. Moreover, a pilot must be able to distinguish between colors in buttons, fields,  signals, etc.

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As you can see color blind people not only have an appreciation for subtler shades but better at penetrating certain camouflages.

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