College Relationships: How to Balance Learning, Love & Dating


Unless a couple is lucky enough to come from the same town, they could very well find that their hometowns are hundreds, maybe even thousands of miles away from each other. That means that winter breaks are likely to be spent some distance apart.

That’s only a couple of weeks, though. The bigger problem is the three months of summer break! If both go back to their hometowns, then that’s months apart, and that can be difficult.

There is also the possibility that, at the end of a current degree, a significant other might end up continuing their education at another college some distance away. They could even end up at an Australian one! That means years apart, and that has also meant the break up of a few relationships.

In those cases, realize what is going to be involved and seriously consider how both people in the relationship can make it work. It will take a lot of planning, a lot of time, and a lot of patience, but it might just be worth it!

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