Cohabitation 101: 3 Vital Skills For Moving In Together

cohabitation vital skills for moving together

6. Are you combining finances? If so, how and why? How do you plan on making financial decisions—groceries, utilities, mortgage/rent, etc.?

7. If you have feedback for each other, what is the best way to bring it up? How do you tend to react to receiving criticism/feedback?

8. How will you share responsibility for housework? If your division of labor feels imbalanced, how will you talk about it?

9. How do you want to handle changes in your sexual relationship? What can each of you do to make it easier to talk about sex with curiosity and compassion?

10. What are the short and long-term goals of this relationship? What is your vision as a couple? What are your values? What do you stand for? What matters most to you?

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Taking the time to explore these topics will help you navigate this new stage of your life together and create opportunities for even deeper levels of intimacy—and joy—in your partnership.


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Cohabitation 101: 3 Vital Skills For Moving In Together
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