Why Codependents Take On Too Much On Themselves

Why Codependents Take On Too Much On Themselves

One thing that can help is to not be so reactive to life. Practicing slowing down and not being so quick to react, and asking yourself why you want to do this is a must. Get in the habit of asking yourself, “Do I need to do this? Am I filled up enough that I want to help?” We all want to help other people when they need it, but the difference is as a codependent, you’re doing it all the time regardless of your own feelings.

It is important to find a balance between helping others and loving yourself. Setting boundaries with other people is another thing that must be done. And remember, sometimes you need to let other people fix their own issues because that’s how they will grow on their own. Everyone has their own life journey that they need to go through and learn from. 

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If you are extreme codependent with low self-esteem and need constant validation from others, you are yearning for love and acceptance and for people to see the good work you’re doing. It’s time to start being more mindful and less reactive and start healing the deep wounds that have caused this behavior.

It’s the wounds that keep you stuck in a cycle, and you need to break that cycle. A lot of healing is reprogramming and when you start practicing that, it will begin to get easier and easier. 

Written By Stephanie Lyn
Originally Appeared In Stephanie Lyn Life Coaching
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Why Codependents Take On Too Much On Themselves
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