Closure Without Contact

 June 27, 2016

Closure Without Contact

5. Accept what you can and cannot control

When I learned the truth about the psychopath, I was extremely disturbed to realize that such evil exists in the world. I was deeply disheartened to know that the person who left me entirely devastated have moved on to the next target, like nothing happened.

My first reaction to this was complete heartbreak, shame, and outrage. I wanted to expose the psychopath for the monster he is. I wanted to convince the other woman to leave him. I badly wanted him to come and apologize to me for all his wrongdoings.

I was left with remorse but I realised deep within that I had no control over the person that he was. I was not in a position to understand his pathology or control his manipulating techniques. What I could do was focus on my own healing and my own life. When I made the choice to do that, one day at a time, I gradually felt happier and more peaceful.

I still wage a daily struggle to relinquish the desire to control what I cannot control, but, thankfully, it is not nearly as difficult as it used to be.

All you can do is be guided by the light in your soul instead of being lost in these people’s darkness.

6. Trust in your own unique truth

Perhaps the most significant epiphany during my recovery came when I finally was able to believe in myself and trust in my own truth.

As long as my intense self-doubt lingered, I could not bring in the strength to accept everything that happened to me. I could not believe I was so badly cheated. Only after reading so many survival stories and how they came out of it with resilience, did I get inspired to get over what seemed to be an insurmountable task. I still have some doubts but I put it aside and only listen to my voice within.

7. You have a similar voice in your own heart. Listen to it.

And please hold on to this truth: you can find closure without contact, and you can find peace on the other side of the nightmare. Read and learn about psychopathy, move through the pain, take back your power, and most of all, strive daily to believe in and love yourself, your most authentic self. You are your own best guide.

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Closure Without Contact

6 comments on “Closure Without Contact

  1. This is a absolutely me! It sounds like the journal I wrote for myself. The quest for the truth, the self doubt, and deviating pain. The way that person just moved on, with little care for anyone or anything, and began the abuse right after with someone new. 7 mos later I am JUST beginning to be myself, yet understand I have a long journey ahead of me. Thank you so much for sharing this article. The timing was perfect for me in my healing process. Matt

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