‘Closure’ Tiny Tales

'Closure' Tiny Tales

By Rocio Alvarenga 

Closure is but a state of mind.
Being that humanity is never truly content/satisfied.
It’s a matter of facing what is.
Accepting what once was and Letting go of what could’ve been.
That’s Closure!

By Evalagne Tayaotao 

Alone with my thoughts, I lay
Still wounded because you didn’t choose to stay
They say time heals all, they do
But years after, I’m still waiting for you

As tears trickle for another night
I end up thinking this isn’t right
So, I’ve made my decision
Without a closure, I’m moving on

By Rinku Shah 

How often have I relived those scenes in my head,
The fights, violence and squabbles…
Then l wiped the viewing glass,
And trudged along!

How often have the noises from the past rewound and haunted me,
The arguments, blaming and shouting…
Then I played a new song,
And trudged along!

How I yearned to have a clean ending- to let go,
All these chapters, stories and relationships…
I apologised to myself for staying too long,
And realised Closure had been right there all along!

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