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Closure – An Unsent Note

Closure – An Unsent Note

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I have no one to tell how it takes me in. The feeling so overwhelming and a feeling that brings in fear and ecstasy all at once. I tried to keep the friendship; all I wanted-needed was one good friend to share it all with. All my happy moments and all that makes me sad or angry or anxious or anything. It wasn’t easy, yet I tried, I tried to keep one. Moments don’t seize any human emotion, and as the time flows, you find yourself somewhere else, seeking something else. But does that change the reality of what you once wanted, of what you once prayed for? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

The point is, I took my time to realize where I went wrong, and now I can’t take it back. So I have to live with the fact that it was bound to happen, whatever I’ve come across. Once again my thoughts are surplus, and I don’t know how to express what I’m exactly feeling at this moment. The sadness of what left me, or the sweet pain of regret, or the happiness of what’s meant for me.

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    Farzeen Khan
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