Close to the Madness

I feel alive close to the madness.
I could lie, but I am telling the truth
Darling I know a sad song,
but it will not get me down.
They say time is suppose to heal you,
but I haven’t done much healing,
just kept putting layer by layer on it.
I don’t need you to understand,
I can even be mean like you,
I can even be that angry.

I feel alive late at night,
when all is silent.
The monsters comes
when the sun is out.
She greats you with a evil grin.
Masks of people
People and there ways,
I hate it.
I can lie, but
I am telling the truth.

I feel save in some songs,
the louder in my ears
the deeper I go into a
trance of my own reality.
I am alive close to the madness,
you can cut me with your words,
I put a layer on it.
My therapy,is my own reality.

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