Chronic Negativity: How it Poisons Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Chronic Negativity Mind Body Soul

(3) The person is affected by cynicism:

When a person is always seeing negative traits in everyone, they start losing trust in others. Too much distrust causes cynicism!

In 2014, the journal called Neurology published a report which stated that people who were cynical had a greater risk of dementia in their old age as compared to those who trusted people.

Chronic negativity can reign havoc in our brains resulting in such unwanted complications in our lives.

Nurturing negativity brings negativity in our lives. Dr. Elaine Hatfield, who is a psychologist, has done extensive research on this issue.

According to the findings of the research, when human beings interact with each other, they are influenced by each other’s habits like body movements, gestures, expressions.

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Most importantly, they are highly affected by their line of thoughts. Suppose you are a group of five people. Three of your colleagues are extremely pessimistic.

You meet them every day and get to hear the negative aspects of the day. Slowly, you start believing in these negative aspects and develop more negativity of your own.

This, in turn, leads to health problems and eventually might become fatal.

Negativity can never bring good. It disturbs us and only welcomes more negativity. Worrying about anything will not change the outcome.

We need to be strong and accept things in the way they come. We need to be confident of ourselves and if our peers are negative, we should snap them out of it.

Instead of picking up their negativity, we should try to suppress them and stay healthy.

Chronic Negativity This is How it Poisons Your Body, Soul and Mind
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