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‘Christmas’ – Tiny Tales

'Christmas' - Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales for Instant Brew Word ‘Christmas’

Here are our favorite submissions

By Rinku Shah 

A long kiss,tight hug, teary eyes and a promise to be back next year.
Days weeks and months trudged along.
Time for the tree to be up again…
the pretty angels
twinkling stars
festivities galore
And the mistletoe at the door…
All I wanted was you, after all what mattered was who was around the tree and not what lay at the bottom…
The doorbell rang and…
A long kiss, a tight hug and it was a ‘Merry Christmas ‘ after all!

By Debra Pry 

The trees lose their leaves,
Only to rebirth to a new year.
The snow slowly falls to reveal,
A quietness amongst the stars.
A cozy fireplace with a cup of tea.
The world seems to be happy,
With expectations of a new year.
So this is Christmas.
Let’s celebrate the season of magic.

By Erna Duspara 

The joy of Christmas is so much more than receiving gifts.
It’s a celebration of gratituide and ending all rifts.
Realising what’s important and especially what’s not.
Loving each other, and appreciating all that we’ve got.
Forgiving and forgetting all hurt from the past.
Remembering life is so precious, this could be our last.

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