Choose Your Relationship Wisely

Choose Your Relationship Wisely

Choose your relationships wisely. Being alone will never cause as much loneliness as being in the wrong relationship.

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  2. sometimes..noting can fill it…but… is not perfect. Stay with you….with good feelings…..good thoughts. other persons are suffering also . We are not so different….it is not possible to live in a bubble, without feelings, without persons, friends, compassion to the others. And love and passion happen without control. Scary right? But so human…As you know, we are not monks. But love can be cultivated.. Another view….perhaps very difficult, but not impossible. Think about it. .love for you….

  3. I personally agree 100%…. but it does Depends on the person: ~Some think that ANY relationship, is better than NO relationship [they still have needs unmet & don’t know how yet to fill those voids self and simply choose to fill the silence with another] ~Some fill those voids of Need with themselves & know to choose wisely because a bad relationship, harms the self deeper than being alone ever could… = balancing the two, is the very thing we all want & hope is possible!!!!

  4. Disagree..maintain relationship wisely, keeps some space and don’t create unnecessary issues, balance relationship wisely, because after all it’s our own choice and we are proud to have good choice.

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