Choose One Hologram And Find Out What Your Vibrational Frequency Is Trying To Tell You

 June 22, 2018

Choose One Hologram And Find Out What Your Vibrational Frequency Is Trying To Tell You

But be careful. Don’t allow yourself to remain in a safe state by waiting too long. Everything depends on momentum. Stay in touch with your feelings. Then you will know exactly the right moment to step into the flow, and you will see that everything will work towards achieving your goal.

The frequency of Momentum helps you to find the right timing to decide your next step.


Affirmation: I trust that at the right moment I will do what I have to do.

#3. Victory


How often have you told yourself, “I was almost there”? You had the answers, the puzzle was complete, and all of your hopes and desires were tuned into that one important moment. Everything was right, until the moment of truth itself. You had to take charge, but you didn’t. Something was holding you back from the finish, and at the most crucial moment, you saw yourself fail. We all recognize it, but what distinguishes us is the way we handle it.

Winning and losing are two sides of the same coin, and you determine which side you focus on. It takes perseverance to achieve something, but at least as much courage to get back on your feet again after a setback. Please realize that no one fails as long as we learn the lesson from the experience. Be proud of yourself and feel your strength! Be proud of the fact that you have tried something. Convince yourself that the next time you will succeed.

The frequency of Victory gives you the strength to believe in yourself during important moments.


Affirmation: I’m going to do it!

#4. Transcending


How badly do you want to fulfill your dreams? How many times have you tried? Which steps have you taken? Often you feel you are close, yet something is preventing you from making it happen. Everything is there, yet you’re not owning it. There always seems to be a “but” — “but I still have to learn so much”; “but I still have to work through so much”; “but I still need this or that”. It is time to let go of these saboteurs. However strange or hard a choice may be, you can’t avoid following your heart.

Whatever it is you want can’t be planned or spontaneously invented, so let go of control and jump! You’ll become amazed at the immense power you hold inside. You will transcend limitations of any kind. Just take a leap, take a risk and surrender to your true Being. Nothing can go wrong as long as you stay in touch with your feelings.

The frequency of Transcending helps you to let go of control and helps you navigate your way to your true state of Being.


Affirmation: I transcend my fears and limitations.

#5. Perseverance


You have started a process, and the longer it continues, the more difficult it becomes. You had not expected that it would cost you so much time and energy. In the meantime, all sorts of thoughts are playing in your mind and distracting you from your goal. Am I doing it right? Should it be this way? Is there another way? Is there another path? Do I have it in me? Can I do this?

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