Which Couple Is The Happiest? Your Choices Reveal Your Romantic Personality

which couple is the happiest

If you chose Couple #4

Your love language is Physical Touch

couple four

If you chose the fourth couple, then your love language is Physical Touch. You are someone who feels loved and cared for through physical displays of affection. Now, even though this does include sex, it’s not the only thing you like. Holding hands, hugging, cuddling while going to sleep and even a nice massage at the end of a long day – all these things can make you feel incredibly happy and special.

For you, the best date nights are the ones where you simply stay home, cuddle up with your partner, and watch your favorite movie with a glass of wine. What matters to you the most is staying physically close to your partner. Physical touch and physical compatibility make you feel secure, and it is something you do for your partner as well.

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If you chose Couple #5

Your love language is Receiving Gifts

couple five

If you chose the fifth couple, then your love language is Receiving Gifts. You are someone who feels special when you get gifts from the person you love. Now don’t misconstrue this as being materialistic and superficial, as giving and receiving gifts is also a way of showing love and dedication towards your partner. Gift-giving serves as an amazing symbol of love, commitment, and affection.

Just because you like getting gifts, that doesn’t mean you expect expensive and fancy gifts all the time; it’s all about gifts that are meaningful and have a lot of thought behind them. For example, when your partner gets you the book you have been eyeing for a very long time, your happiness knows no bounds. Or when they make you a scrapbook for your anniversary consisting of all the beautiful and romantic pictures you have together.

So, which couple seems the happiest to you, and what results did you get? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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