Choose A Mandala And Discover Your Hidden Magical Power


5. The Compass

A pattern based on number 8 is linked to the wheel of wisdom. In some sense, it is also a crossroad in which several options are offered. One the one hand, you are able to create multiple possibilities and therefore you are never trapped in any dead-end road. On the other hand, you are able of making right decisions and select the best path towards virtue. You are guided by an inner compass that shows you the right way.


6. The Creator

Contrary, or better complementary, to the first mandala that depicts a counterclockwise suawastika, this mandala is a swastika in motion. Forget about its Nazi misuse, this a symbol of light, life, health, peace and wealth. Your power is a harmonic and creative one. You move forwards through time and life and you create out of null.

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Choose A Mandala And Discover Your Hidden Magical Power

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