Chinese Horoscope 2019 – Year of the Earth Pig

Great organizer, the child will efficiently plan activities, but most often other people activities, because, in general, he cannot stand constraints.

The Man Born in the Pig Year

The adult born in the Pig year represents the knight stereotype – honest, resolved, and brave. Generous and very genteel, he will share his money with you, if needed, but his expectations are as high.

With his proverbial calm, he will tolerate many things and because he dislikes arguments, he will always cede, never seeking revenge. He will not even tell you that you are not right. The Pig natives are smart and they know how to defend their interests.

The Woman Born in the Pig Year

The woman born in the Pig year has exemplary cleaning skills. Perfect host and great housewife, she wholeheartedly loves her husband and children, which represent her pride and the center of her life. She panders to their every whim and gives her supports even more than necessary.

She ensures an atmosphere of contentment and full understanding in her entourage and family.


Pig’s Love Compatibility and Relationship

The Pig native is one of the most sincere and modest sign of all zodiac signs. The naturalness and sincerity make him irresistible for the Goat, Rabbit, Tiger, and Dog natives.

The Pig natives are very devoted to their love relationship, they regard their partner with respect and try to offer as many fulfillment, happy moments as possible, this is why they are appreciated by the Monkey, Rat, Ox, and Horse natives.

Animosity and long-lasting conflicts might occur between the Dragon, Snake or Rooster natives and the Pig natives.

Communication doesn’t really exist in these amorous entanglements and the relationships between the natives of these zodiac signs can be acceptable, but only moderately.

Usually, the love affairs between these zodiac signs are not permanent.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Pig

Passion for life, sensibility, gentleness, and generosity are representative for the Pig natives and they are accredited in the personality of the following famous people:
  • Alfred Hitchcock (British filmmaker)
  • Andrew Jackson ( 7th President of the United States)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor and Governor of California)
  • Henry Ford (inventor and founder of the Ford Motor Company)
  • Tupac Shakur (actor, rapper, and poet)


Chinese Horoscope 2019 – Year of the Earth Pig

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