Ways in Which Childhood Bullying Has Lifelong Effects on a Child’s Mental Health

 August 28, 2017

Ways in Which Childhood Bullying Has Lifelong Effects on a Child's Mental Health


(2) Depression: 

Depression is one of the serious mental health issues which is caused by bullying. This happens mostly to the children who have been victims of bullying. A child who has been bullied and couldn’t retort back is also the child who has been very weak and vulnerable. Mostly, a child like this is prone to keep the attack to themselves and tends to get depressed. This increases as they grow up and the pain inside them increases. The child suffers from fear and tries to avoid communication with others as an adult. The level of this depends on the extent of the attack. If this child grows into an adult who is weak and vulnerable, they tend to face more problems, they tend to get attacked more and eventually, they hurt themselves more. Since it has been their habit to keep this to themselves, they will eventually succumb to depression.

(3) Substance abuse:

Children who have been issued or children who bullied others or children who have done both are prone to get involved with substance abuse as adults. All these unhealthy behaviors were not treated when they were children and they are bound to go astray as adults. Depression, anxiety disorders, and other psychological issues will provoke them to take resort to substance abuse which is again a psychological disorder.

          It is important to take care of the mental health of our children. It is necessary for the parents or guardians and teachers to keep an eye on bullying among children because they have long lasting effect on their psychological and social behavior which hampers the development of a healthy society.


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