Why You Should Not Force Your Child To Hug Or Kiss Anyone

For so many reasons, it’s important that we respect a child’s wishes when it comes to who touches them. If we want them to make healthy choices as they get older in regard to sex, we need to show them now that they needn’t please anyone with their bodies; no matter how innocent and loving the request. Hetter says, “Would you want your daughter to have sex with her boyfriend simply to make him happy? Parents who justify ordering their children to kiss grandma may say, ‘It’s different.’”

As the author notes, it really isn’t. We’re giving them the tools now to make healthy decisions about their bodies and in their relationships down the road. These are habits that, as the meme suggests, will keep children safer for the rest of their lives. It’s a great lesson to teach, no matter your parenting style.

Valerie Williams

Valerie Williams is a working mother with two school-aged children living in New York (not the cool part). She loves running, reading, snarking, and spending time with her family. Follow her on Twitter.

Should Not Force Your Child To Hug Or Kiss Anyone

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