Cherish The Child

I have had my share of people, loved and been loved… there were those who were mean to me and others I was mean to, I had ones who traveled days to spend an hour with me and tell me ‘I want to know you’ and encountered those who dumped me when I was moving worlds for them… I lied and been lied to… I hurt and been hurt… I laughed, danced, cried, screamed, giggled, and fought with someone and vigorously alone! 

I have been human and humane… and thoroughly I found the truth… my truth, my reality… in my heart and mind I found my soul… I found the child me… the child me who learns to let go the virgin dreams because its mind is not a virgin any more yet, always a child at heart!

The truth is I cherish the child… the child me!

The me that forgets all her knowledge and dives into the beauty of the unknown worlds of the new… the child that is found by curiously untangling the mysteries of torn lost souls… the child that is utterly excited at the site of a familiar face in strangely extraneous times… the child who dances to exotic unheeded rhythms and smiles back at the moon… the child whose scars add beauty to her skin and finds sanity in recklessness… a child who past aching pains heals and is passionately audacious!

The child who won’t give up and continues to be wishful no matter how old and weary she may seem; believes there is always light in giving love!



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