7 Cheesy New Couple Habits You Seriously Need To Break 

7 Cheesy New Couple Habits You Seriously Need To Break 

4. You Constantly Take Obtrusive Selfies With Your Beloved

Once in a while, selfies together are cute. However, when you’re reaching over your friends, ignoring the waiter, and generally blocking public walkways, you’re seriously, completely overdoing it.

5. Your Love Is So Deep and Profound That No One Else Could Possibly Understand

Yes, you’re in love and this person is new to you. And that’s great. The thing is, when you talk about your relationship like it’s the greatest, most profound love the world has ever known, it comes off like you’re trying to beat everyone around you with your superior relationship. Other people can fathom how happy you are. Don’t act like they don’t get it.

Related is comparing your new love to the established relationships of your friends, ESPECIALLY when they come to you asking for advice. Even though right now things are beyond fantastically great, eventually your special love flower might hit the rocks and you might want advice so keep the superiority to an absolute minimum. If you absolutely must feel superior, keep it to yourself.

6. Excessive PDA

Do I really have to put this on the list? I feel like people should already know that sticking your tongue down your new flame’s throat in public is obnoxious. And yet, I’ve been party to it RECENTLY and I consider myself a full-fledged grownup (sort-of… most of the time).

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7. You Refuse to Go Anywhere Separately from Snookums

Don’t automatically assume that your +1 is invited to everything that you are. This is fine when you aren’t involving other people— but you’re seriously crossing the line when you can’t come to girl’s night unless you bring Barry from accounting.

It’s okay to ask, but keep in mind that other people might want to just see you. Don’t throw a tantrum when you can’t bring Bridgett who you’ve known for a whole two months to your bestie’s wedding. Be cool.

Plus, if you insist on bringing them everywhere with you, then you never get the chance to annoy us by talking about them too much. See numbers 2 and 3 above.

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Written by Elizabeth Stone
Originally appeared in Attract The One
7 Obnoxious, Cheesy New Couple Habits You (Seriously) Need To Break 
7 Obnoxious, Cheesy New Couple Habits You (Seriously) Need To Break
Cheesy New Couple Habits Pin
7 Cheesy New Couple Habits You Seriously Need To Break 
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