A charging device My little paradise

A charging device My little paradise
Rinku Shah
Rinku Shah

A charging device
My little paradise,
Your Hug to be precise!
A point of salvation
When I’m drained with frustration,
Time for a hug
and some rejuvenation

Kirsty Rice

Sometimes all we need
is a hug
from the right person
to recharge our soul

Karthik Parthasarathy
Karthik Parthasarathy

When my battery drains,
You charge me with your love.
Never I have given a thought,
What it does to you.
All it takes you is a hug,
to power me to my fullest.
A request from the bottom of my heart,
Never lose yourself for me.

M Jeyaram
M Jeyaram

A hug in time saves us for the day!
Nothing can drift me away from you,
as our soul connectivity
remains anchored well in our hearts.

Anindya J Ganguly
Anindya J Ganguly

To rejuvenate my tired self
I crave for your warmth
& soft smell
In whose sensual hearth
I breathe of life
Filled up with little boxes
of love & joy

Cheyenne Sanchez
Cheyenne Sanchez

Your spirit fills me with joy.
I feel my best when I am with you.
You recharge me.
Once I’ve reached 100%
there’s no place
I’d rather be

Suzan Brown

Some people will
either drain you
or put the life back into you.

Sherry Greene
Sherry Greene

your presence certainly
charges me up!

Samantha Lee Johnson

You pick me up
when I feel drained!

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