13 Characteristics Of A Mentally Healthy Person

Characteristics Mentally Healthy Person

5. They don’t take things personally

Have you seen people laughing at their own mistakes? Nothing to be surprised about!  People who accept and love themselves for who they are always feel good and worry less.  So, they don’t take negative comments or criticism by heart.

A person with a healthy mind can easily laugh at their own flaws and themselves. Because they are optimistic and have good control over – how they respond to an event, their emotions, and their energy level. An interesting characteristics of a mentally healthy person. isn’t it?

Pessimistic people are not mentally sound because they never feel good about themselves. They  project own doubts and insecurities on other people. Even a silly joke hurts them deeply.

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6. They have high self-respect

Mentally healthy people not only respect themselves but their friends, family members, and even strangers. They talk to people in a level-headed way even when there are differences in opinions, views, and perspectives towards life.  

Just like they value, respect, accept and love themselves, they understand that it important to respect and accept others for who they are. Those with mental ill-health, neither respect themselves, nor can respect others. They are programmed to think negatively, so they find flaws in others, feel personal attack when opinions don’t match and exhibit disrespectful behavior.

7. They are responsible and make their own decisions

Responsibility is another major characteristics of a mentally healthy person. They take accountability for their mistakes and complete responsibility for their lives.

They realize that their thoughts, feelings, behavior, and actions shape their life and future. So, whether it is a decision about a brand of clothes to choose or buying a property, they make informed decisions, wise judgment, and live with the results. No blame game!

People with an unhealthy mind never accept their flaws. They have an unrealistic approach towards their life. Make impulsive decisions based on immediate situations and benefits. And, never think before speaking or acting only to end up in a vicious cycle of pain and loss.

8. They can adjust to the changes in the environment 

Adjusting to people, situations and surroundings  is one of the prime characteristics of a mentally healthy person. Adaptation is what makes plants and animals successful in a particular environment.  For example – A toad camouflage to blend with the surroundings so that it can disguise the predator.  

Similarly, a person with a healthy mind can change the environment for the greater good as well as adjust to new changes if situation demands. Such healthy behavior spikes the rate of growth, success, and well-being. 

People with poor mental health are overwhelmed with new changes or situations. They fail to adjust with society due to victim mentality and ultimately thrive in an environment that doesn’t maximize their odds of success. 

9. They have high self-awareness

Self-awareness is also one of the crucial characteristics of a mentally healthy person.  Regular self-assessment, self-reflection, introspection, and retrospection helps a person better know his/her strengths, weaknesses, feelings, thoughts, values, abilities, power, and areas of improvement. 

High knowledge about self translates to high mental clarity, focused attitude, and ability to make the right choices in life. Emotional awareness helps you express a wide spectrum of emotions. As a result, a healthy mind knows the difference between emotional expression and emotional self-control.

People who are mentally unhealthy have poor self-awareness and consequently poor self-identity. Most of the time they don’t know what they feel, what to do and what they want. They can’t express their emotions to others, bottle up everything and pile up frustration. Hence, they remain confused, stressed, anxious, unmotivated, and depressed as well as prone to various social and psychological problems.  

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10. They have high self-discipline 

A simple act of creating a to-do list in the morning and striking off before bed gives a feeling of achievement and satisfaction. Isn’t it? Now when you continue this habit everyday, it creates a positive feedback loop. Means, you will have  improved mood and a greater feeling of self-empowerment, which will program your mind to take further beneficial actions. 

You will notice that self-discipline is one of the common characteristics of a mentally healthy person. And it is the getaway for success, and happiness!. That said people who are mentally healthy don’t force themselves to have a disciplined life. Rather it comes naturally to them and they seem to love it. 

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13 Characteristics Of A Mentally Healthy Person

High self-discipline allows a person to do things that are important and necessary even when not willing to do so  .But, mentally unhealthy people fail to practise self-discipline and  succumb to laziness, procrastination, chronic indecision, helplessness and feel that life is out of control. 

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