Changing your Reality is the Pathway towards Happiness – Mind Talk

Changing your Reality is the Pathway towards Happiness - Mind Talk
“Your reality is as you perceive it to be. So, it is true, that by altering this perception we can alter our reality.” ~ William Constantine
As a tarot reader, especially in Indonesia, I came across several clients who are more interested in knowing what’s waiting for them in the future rather than finding out what can be done in their present to achieve a desirable future. “How is my financial situation next year?” “Will I find a husband soon?”, and so on. Eventually, all they wanted was to get what they have always been wanted; happiness. Yet, my answer to them has always been the same. I prefer not to predict the exact future as their future lies in their own hands. Thus, in some cases, I believe that humans are in total control of shaping their future and happiness if they let their consciousness to take control of their reality.

 Changing your Reality is the Pathway towards Happiness - Mind Talk

Reality is how we see the world and perceive ourselves as a part of the system that binds us as humans. Without a deeper understanding of reality, we are nothing but living breathing humans who live in our mind-made reality with no desires or aspirations to fulfill. We go to work, eat, sleep, just as beings. We touch and feel through our senses just as they exist without any awareness that we can pop the bubbles and see a clearer path. Hinduism introduces the concept of Maya or illusion where our lives are similar to dreams. The world is akin to a magic show, with smoke and mirrors illusion, duping us to think that our potential is limited to this reality. But we don’t have to succumb to it. We can expand our consciousness to fulfill our needs, our thirst, and hunger.


As humans, we are built with wants and needs. On an ethereal level, our desire is to love and be loved, to be happy, and to be showered with kindness by other human beings. We desire for peace and wisdom, without having the need for conflict. Everything that we do or work towards in this world, including the ones in material form, are bound to lead to our ethereal needs before we know it. Happiness can only be achieved if we know how to identify what is our ethereal needs and shape our reality to work towards it.


The first step in altering our reality is to accept our present. Acceptance and acknowledgement of unfortunate situation that we are currently experiencing is the initial step towards happiness. For instance, I used to work in a company that pays very little, but I had to stay because of my contract. Technically, my chance to leave the company is pretty slim. In that situation, I started off with acceptance. “Well, at least I have great colleagues here.”, so I thought. Step two is to continue in assessing our feelings about it. Can we find peace through acceptance? Or do we really have to do something about it? Assess the situation from the scale of Thank you for this experience‘ to ‘Unbearable and see where we stand. If ‘Unbearable’ is your answer, then it’s time to move on to the next step.


There are two options to choose from the second step. Either we change our perception about the reality, or move out of that situation. See if we can find a balance first before we decide for the latter. In my case, after working for a few months and realising that the salary really wasn’t enough for my expenses, I tried to change how I perceive this situation. “Although this company was pretty stingy, I can see this opportunity as a way to build my network and to spruce up my resume.” I decided to work my way to get enough clients to notice me so one day I can quit my job and relocate to their companies.


If you can’t find happiness through the first option, you can opt for the second one. The second option is necessary if you can’t be bothered to stay anymore. I had rashes all over my body a few weeks before my contract ended. Apparently it was how my body reacted to months of accumulated stress and hours of lack of sleep. Although my mind had settled with the first option, my soul hadn’t. So I answered the call, I quit right after my contract ended without any job offer waiting ahead and finally found my happiness.


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  1. philosophy, it is what i do for a living n*gga~! it’s how eat for a living n*gga. soul food – shin kwon
    it’s okay to look back as long as you keep moving forward – shin kwon
    do you know what tha cure for depression is? love. duh~! stay in love and never be unhappy again – shin kwon
    drugs do what love does to people all of tha time – shin kwon
    what hurts you is preparing you for invincibility – shin kwon
    emotions are mental statisms – shin kwon
    there is no need for an apology. i just say oops – shin kwon do not let anyone else rule over you but you. be tha god of your own reality, tha center of your known universe – shin kwon
    long story short, i tell short stories long – shin kwon
    when you die, just because you won’t be here doesn’t mean you won’t end up somewhere else. you’re going back to where you came from – shin kwon
    tha time has come. tha time is now. what will you do? fight or take flight? – shin kwon
    i am for everyone, but i am not for everybody – shin kwon
    do not mistake an intelligent guess over predicting tha future. – shin kwon
    you are entitled to anything your heart may desire. – shin kwon
    you wouldn’t do anything if you didn’t want to. so if you find yourself doing something you don’t want to remember not to blame obligation for what you choose to do in life – shin kwon
    everything and everyone is a muse. some people and some things will motivate us, whereas others and other things may lead us to feel uninspired – shin kwon
    i used to work on myself for me. i still do, but now i do it for us – shin kwon
    you seem to be doing nothing when at rest, but in fact you are healing yourself and rejuvinating your spent energies – shin kwon
    your birth was a possibility come true. your life is full of endless possibilities – shin kwon
    if you are disrespected when not around, don’t think that you were ever respected in tha first place – shin kwon
    let your actions speak to tha mind, let your words speak to tha soul – shin kwon
    i might not like people in general, but i will love each and everyone of them on an indiviual basis – shin kwon
    you’ll just have to accept me for who i am because there’s nothing you can do to stop me – shin kwon
    not everyone wants my love, not everyone feels that they deserve my love either, but they are gonna get it anyhow – shin kwon
    sometimes your mind needs to understand what your heart already knows – shin kwon
    learn to live as a person who lives to learn – shin kwon
    one must first know what it is to be selfish in order to choose to be selfless – shin kwon
    not all survivors are happy to be alive – shin kwon
    you’ll never stop evolving, because in reality you don’t ever want to stop moving – shin kwon
    what is greatness when one can become a great big a hole? – shin kwon
    self research, self discovery, and self development are steps on a stairwell leading to your highest self. – shin kwon
    be happy with what you have. you could always have less – shin kwon
    less of it means more of you – shin kwon
    couple intellect with intuition and you get wisdom – shin kwon
    your greatest moments of weakness and strength come from what you love tha most – shin kwon
    you are not tha patron saint of mediocrity. you are no antonio salieri. you are wolf. a wolfgang amadeus mozart. your composition is a grand symphony. – shin kwon
    if you can dig it, you’ll be deeply rooted. if you can wing it, you’ll soar – shin kwon
    sometimes losing yourself is how you find yourself. play hide and seek with who you are – shin kwon
    after all tha drugs i’ve done, love is by far tha most potent and addictive – shin kwon
    yeah i’m a creeper. i creep into peoples hearts – shin kwon
    tha thing is tha people who hate me barely even know me. – shin kwon
    taxation is theft. some people can be taxing. some people are thieves of energy – shin kwon
    you don’t want me to open my can of worms because i’ll spill tha beans on tha table – shin kwon
    i used to sleep six feet under, now i’m sittin on top o tha world – shin kwon
    when lie becomes truth: some peoples truths are based upon deny deny deny. – shin kwon
    you happen to shift when shit happens – shin kwon
    you can either grow or go back to what you used to be. no grow backs. – shin kwon
    philosphy is public domain and property is theft, however some people feel tha need to copyright a quote – shin kwon
    you cannot deny anyone’s truth, because truth be told, truth itself is relative because tha entire projection is an illusion – shin kwon
    love is not tolerant. it is respectful, accepting, and in admiration of all things – shin kwon
    all people are deserving of love. ALL PEOPLE. no one left behind. – shin kwon
    humans were bioengeneered. you did not evolve from chimps and apes. you are an apelike humanoid chimp – shin kwon
    you can do anything, doesn’t mean you’ll get away with it – shin kwon
    yawns, laughs, and smiles are contagious… but so are middle fingers – shin kwon
    you are both who you think you are and also who they say you are – shin kwon
    depression is like doing hard time while you’re free – shin kwon
    don’t do hard time during hard times. when it gets hard, soften up – shin kwon
    your life is a story, give it a happy ending – shin kwon
    you can have everything in tha world, but without timing you got absolutely nothing – shin kwon
    don’t let them get you down when they let you down. rise above it all – shin kwon
    life is lived more freely when acccepted rather than expected – shin kwon
    we’re just a mashup of tha influences in our lives – shin kwon
    vibration is what breaks tha eternal silence – shin kwon
    they said sin was natural, and guilt a virtue to keep your mind, body, and soul indebted – shin kwon
    pictures need to be taken and they can be lost forever. develop your photographic memory and create an album in your heart – shin kwon
    you won’t understand what i am saying if you don’t know where i am coming from you – shin kwon
    tha thing i love to say most is “i love you”. i am neither tha first nor will be tha last to say it. – shin kwon
    a lie: i hate speaking in public. – shin kwon
    we either act in response or act to evoke a response – shin kwon
    observe yourself through interaction with your environment. life is a house of mirrors. – shin kwon
    tha distinction of tha new normal is tha extinction of normality – shin kwon
    please don’t argue with me if you are unwilling to do counter research – shin kwon
    you don’t shop around for love because love has no comparison. – shin kwon
    go inside yourself and find what you need, and what you’ll find is that everything you need is already inside of you – shin kwon
    there is no better place to start than right here and right now – shin kwon
    don’t believe what i say, know what i do – shin kwon
    economical system: supply & demand
    economical love: supply everything and demand nothing – shin kwon
    love permeates when permitted – shin kwon

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