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How Changing Your Beliefs Will Make You Realize How Much Life Has To Offer

How Changing Your Beliefs Will Make You Realize

But we can surrender our thoughts to the universe and invite the truth about reality to fill its place. We can drop our resistance and mental anguish and ask life to show us what we need to learn. We can surrender to life because we are the expression of life. We are part of this intricate ecosystem and it helps when we collaborate with this energetic force instead of resisting it.

Knowing this, I invite you to consider areas of your life that haven’t been smooth sailing lately. Putting aside the current pandemic, write a list of beliefs you hold about your troubles or disappointments. For example, if it relates to a relationship, you might hold the belief your future partner must look a certain way, come from a certain background or ethnicity, be educated, etc.

How Changing Your Beliefs Will Make You Realize How Much Life Has To Offer

Examine whether you’re willing to surrender your thoughts about it and ask the universe to show you what you really want in a relationship. Is it love, commitment, trust, honesty, kindness, and compassion, etc.? If so, focus on the feelings these qualities evoke within you. Imagine what this person would be like in actual life. Paint a picture of yourself being with them and visualize it daily.

Align with the possibility that this relationship already exists and it is a matter of calling it into existence. It requires being aligned with the emotional energy of your desires to bring it forth into your reality.

After all, life has more to offer when we expand our awareness of what is possible. When we open our mind and our heart to this creative intelligence, the true source of our supply will flow into our life.

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Written By Tony Fakhry
Originally Appeared In Thought Catalog
How Changing Your Beliefs Will Make You Realize pin
How Changing Your Beliefs Will Make You Realize How Much Life Has To Offer
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