Change your Mind to Change your Life

Change Mind to Change Life

6. Omit Stupid & Mean off your circle

Imagine how your life would get better having your world free of stupid people and mean minds.

This will not happen overnight for sure, it will take you time and several experiences to be able to identify those damaging calibers and be able to cleverly eliminate their existence off your circle. Stupid people will never have thoughts that intersect with yours, will never help you advance in any way. It is very important to stay around people who are equally smart to you, if not smarter to learn from.

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You are not here for stupid people.

Mean minds are sick minds that will just drag you deeper into their world, and by the time they might manipulate your own way of thinking, making you believe that their way is the success road. Never melt into what is mean or what you might even feel is mean, no matter how exciting it might be sugarcoated.

Stupid & Mean = Life failure

7.   HUG those risks


Yes, hug them. Change your mind about risk-taking!

The saying goes (take the risk), yet I find it not giving the RISK the sufficient appreciation it deserves.

I believe that risks are gifts, you might like the gift and may not, but eventually, it is a gift life presents you.

Accept the gift anyways, and learn how to deal with it. Luckily if you like it, then you won some extra points, in case not, it was a lesson. Hugging the risk leaves no room for doubt. Brave enough to do your part, eventually your mind can confidently close that vague file hanging in your head.

You win both cases.

8. Without Corners, We Fall

Just like a picture in a frame, your corners are what keep you hanging.

Every person has 4 corners: body, brain, heart and soul, these are what form us.

With every experience, with every lesson, every phase in life, some new residents will book rooms in the corners, leaving an impact, mark, scar or memory.

Welcome all the residents and never try to remove any, for they fill your corners.

You cannot ONLY be physical, logical, emotional, or spiritual. You must combine all the corners and have them holding you in full harmony and balance, any missing corner means your picture falling off the wall.


9. Diversion is the GOOD SMART

A fine line differentiates diversion as a smart tactic, from being manipulative.

Use diversion to keep your plans at a low profile until you are fully sure of their success. Do not share so much information unless that sharing would help in building up your plan, otherwise, it would be just a damaging gossip. Manipulation, on the other hand, is a harmful attitude, claimed to be smart whereas it is mere deceit. Do not manipulate facts, feelings or actions. Be clear in your direction and convictions in life. Manipulation and diversion are bad and good sides of the same coin. Identify the good side.

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10. Think BIG

Change your mind and train yourself to think big. Just as in business, you have tactical planning and strategic planning.

The mistake we mostly do in our everyday life is getting squeezed in tactics and tasks, and forgetting about the bigger strategy of our life campaign. When you are consumed in your shortsighted tactics, you keep looking at the same spot you are standing in, or at most, the spot you will be at tomorrow morning.

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You get your brain cells burning over a temporary feeling you are having RIGHT NOW. It could be worry, sadness, happiness, fear, or frustration. Clean off the dust of the moment and think big, set yourself a life strategy, and evaluate the current moment using its exact weight, no more or less.

It will pass whether good or bad, and the strategy is what will remain.

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