12 Ways To Change Your Life For Those Who Are Absolutely Exhausted

If life has become a bag of bricks that you carry with you every day, then you may be depressed. If that is not the case, then maybe you are going about life in the wrong way. You are in the theme park of life and all you are doing is complaining about being in the queues. Maybe it’s time to start enjoying the rides whilst you are on them, and tolerating the queues when you are in them. Mary Kleim,  personal coach, and a blogger at AssignmentMasters shares some useful tips on how to get rid of permanent fatigue and live it up.

1. Go To Bed Early At Night

This may seem like “none” advice, like the sort of thing you may read on a holistic website, but have you ever wondered why your parents made such a fuss over it and why it is mentioned so frequently in self-help books? We are living with up to three generations of people that think staying up until the early hours every night is okay for them. What it actually does is sap you of your will to live, to learn, and to act. Your lack of motivation may be traced back to your lack of sleep.

2.Accept The Fact That You Do Not Like Work

Many people allow their hatred of going to work to ruin their lives. They have this pre-conceived notion that they are supposed to go there to be as comfortable and as happy as they are at home, but this simply is not the way of the world. You need to accept that you do not like working, and you need to accept the fact that this is not going to change. You therefore have two options: you can keep allowing work to upset you and bring you down or you can accept you don’t like it and get on with it.

3.What Will You Say To Yourself Now In Ten Years?

Flash forward to the future. You are living in a small apartment flat in rural America that was installed by your Chinese governor. You are able to leave yourself a note for the past, and that note will be delivered to you tomorrow. What would it say? Are the changes you need to make to your life obvious? Are you just avoiding them because you think tomorrow will be better?

4. Are You Living In A Fantasy World Called The Future?

Do you think tomorrow will be better? Do you sleep well at night because you tell yourself you are going to do something tomorrow? If this is the case, then you have a terrible disease that many people in the US have, and it is called procrastination–and it is a killer. The only solution is a “Round Tuit.” And, if you get round tuit, you may realize that tomorrow won’t be better unless you do what needs doing today.

5.Teach Yourself The Value Of Setting Goals And Accomplishing Them

A big problem that many people have is that they set goals, but they are often reserved for another day. You need to learn the value of setting goals with deadlines and accomplishing those goals. It will motivate you in very powerful and meaningful ways.

6.Avoid Negative People At All Costs

Negative people can suck all the life and soul out of a room or an idea and leave a grey damp spot in its place. Do not waste your life trying to make negative people positive because it never works, they simply make you miserable. Avoid negative people, and after a while, you will recover from their influence.

7. Start Taking The Blame For Your Successes

Some people blame themselves for the things that go wrong in their lives, and they allow others to take the credit for things that go right in their lives. Take the blame for both.

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