“The change is not you or better yet, not today” – Mind Talk

“The change is not you or better yet, not today” - Mind Talk

Someone’s father told her, “be the change, be changed today, and act now”, but there were scenarios that those motivation can become fallacies. The perspective of one’s view will not be enough if we are not that wise to understand that the term itself is a trick.

Change is something not easy to neither achieve nor accomplish whether we believed on someone’s faith or with something captivating about one’s culture— it should take selfish demand on time and process alone. Yes, there is no permanent in this world except for change but when our passion becomes our ego, we can be lost. It should not favor our conceited persona or should not even favor the hatred that we have inside to reason out, to pursue and act on the change that we want.
We are the master of change but change should not be our master. If one day, we become her servant then from the beginning you and I are mistakenly following the pattern that was given by many. If change helps us to achieve greatness, why are we still here, talking like a clanging gong? A person’s histories define it as bloody but in the realm of open-mindedness; we can acknowledge it as pity.

Pity are those who change because of pain, hatred and envy. Pity are those who don’t want to listen to understand. Pity are those who want to win on an argument because of pride. Pity are those men and women who thought that they were good but not. Whenever authenticity comes out of a woman’s lips the anointing of heaven will declare its gratitude. When a raindrop touches a maiden’s skin, her warm will signify nobility.

Change not because we want change. Change because we want to align our wants to being less selfish. Change because the spirit is calling you.

Written by Ella Zarcilla


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