Why Your Challenges Don’t Expose Your Weaknesses, They Reveal Your Strengths

Why Your Challenges Don’t Expose Your Weaknesses

For example, if you asked someone close to you whether the situation you’re experiencing is a major problem, they might think otherwise. The reason you react to it is that you are heavily invested in the outcome. I’m not suggesting this is detrimental, I am implying you accept your feelings by changing your response to what it means.

People believe problems expose their weaknesses because of the negative emotions that accompany them. If we experience fear, frustration, and anger we might believe we are incapable of overcoming the experience because of the negativity involved. But they are signposts informing us the problem is important to us, otherwise, we wouldn’t be experiencing them. 

So, welcome the negative emotions and process them as best you can and then deal with the problem before you. Can you do this? Can you give yourself the gift of looking at your problems from a new perspective instead of staying mired in negativity? I assure you, you can overcome any obstacle life throws at you. It’s a matter of biting through it one piece at a time, chewing it thoroughly, and digesting what you need to.

You are not meant to bridge the gap from problem to solution in one go, otherwise, you would be a genius. Problems and challenges arise because of the lessons and growth required for our life’s journey. They occur because the distance between the problem and the solution is where progress takes place. We can’t rush the growth any more than wishing a rose would grow quicker when planting the seed. We must nurture it daily with: water, proper soil, and sunlight. And so it is with our challenges.

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Knowing this, I’d like you to return to your earlier problem. Write all the emotions you are experiencing on the left-hand side of a piece of paper or journal. Next to each emotion, write what you consider is the opposite of that emotion. For example, if you feel fear, what is the opposite of fear for you? Is it: courage, faith, hope, or patience? Once you’ve gone through the list, reflect on what these negative states are inviting you to know. Contemplate them first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

Trust that your current situation is calling you to overcome your weaknesses to reveal your true strength of character.

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Written By Tony Fakhry
Originally Appeared In Thought Catalog
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Why Your Challenges Don’t Expose Your Weaknesses, They Reveal Your Strengths
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