Which Celtic Tree Astrology Sign Are You and What It Says About You

Celtic Tree Astrology Sign says About You

7. Oak – The Stabilizer

(June 10 – July 7)

Oak The Stabilizer
Oak – The Stabilizer Celtic Tree Astrology Sign

Oak signs are resilient, helpful and the crusaders of the underdog.

Compatibility: Ash, Reed and Ivy

According to Celtic tree astrology, people born under the energy of the Oak have strong and stable personalities. Their positive, hopeful mindset never allows them to be bogged down by life’s challenges; they always bounce back. Moreover, they become campaigners and spokespeople of the vulnerable and oppressed sections of society. They take pleasure in doing social/community work.

Oaks not only love acquiring knowledge and wisdom but also love spreading it in communities. This is why they are often seen in careers like teaching, advisory, counseling, etc. They are especially interested in history and ancestry. Oaks are fond of having large families and are known to live long, happy and healthy lives.

Oaks are generous, social beings who find true happiness when surrounded by loved ones. However, their powerful need for stability makes them over-protective and controlling towards their family members, at times.

8. Holly – The Ruler

(July 8 – August 4)

Holly The Ruler
Holly – The Ruler Celtic Tree Astrology Sign

Holly signs are regal and ambitious, with natural ability to succeed in all they attempt.

Compatibility: Ash and Elder

Holly signs are born rulers; they are high-minded and competitive, and easily shine in all their endeavors. They are gifted with superior leadership skills and hence, they set their eyes on positions of great power and influence. They are highly focused on their end goals, never deterred by obstacles, and welcome new challenges. These gifted people have multiple talents and interests, and setbacks can’t make them feel defeated.

Holly signs are noble personalities and enjoy being in control of things. Their competitive streak is evident even in casual settings. While others might perceive this as arrogance, in reality, you are just highly confident in yourself. People who know you on a personal level see you for the kind and loving person that you are.

You are fully aware of how intelligent you are; you sail through things others struggle with. Beware of resting on your laurels, though. Being satisfied with how far you’ve come can make you slack, and you can easily slip into an unhealthy routine. The fix for this is you always need to engage in new activities and keep busy.

9. Hazel – The Knower

(August 5 – September 1)

Hazel The Knower
Hazel – The Knower Celtic Tree Astrology Sign

Hazel signs are organized, intelligent in academia, and smart in life.

Compatibility: Hawthorne and Rowan

According to Celtic tree astrology, Hazels are gifted with abundant intelligence, both in academics and life instincts. They have sharp memories that can retain a good amount of information, which they can easily recall and elaborate on with high accuracy. They are known to remember details about situations and small pieces of information that others have long forgotten!

Others might term you as the ‘know-it-all’, but let’s face it, you’re genuinely clever and well-informed. You rely on your hefty knowledge base to state the correct facts and chose the right course of action.

Your inclination to plan everything beforehand can make you obsessive if you don’t control it. This sign is one of the most analytical of the Celtic tree signs, hence they are good with numbers and excel in science and math. The downside of this is you tend to overcontemplate the outcomes even before getting started, leading to procrastination and stress.

10. Vine – The Equalizer

(September 2 – September 29)

Vine The Equalizer
Vine – The Equalizer Celtic Tree Astrology Sign

Vine signs are unpredictable, empathetic, and demonstrate refined taste and class.

Compatibility: Willow and Hazel signs

Vines are unpredictable and indecisive by nature because they are born under the influence of the autumnal equinox. They can change sides like the wind, and often contradict their own words. This changeable characteristic also stems from the fact that they are highly empathetic souls. They understand that there are always two sides to any story and hence, find it difficult to pick sides.

However, they are pretty sure about the finer things in life. Vines are connoisseurs of sophistication and are admired for their refined and elegant taste. They have a knack for turning something drab into a work of great beauty. They are naturally inclined towards the luxurious pleasures in life– good food, wine, travel, homely comforts, art, beauty and music. Call them materialistic, but you can’t help but admire the level of classy style they bring with them. No wonder, they have a strong fan base.

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