Caught in technology’s clutch When do we pull the switch

Karthik Parthasarathy 

Caught in technology’s clutch
When do we pull the switch? 
The user has become the product
Losing sight of our conduct
Oh Humans, Where does this leave us?
Or are we making too much fuss?

Rinku Shah

Obsessed with the mobile phone,
Froze me like I was stone.
A prey caught in the fangs,
Shouted in guilt pangs.
What a fool I’d been!
Glued to a screen,
Could’ve travelled instead and seen


Anindya J Ganguly 

Locked in the webbed cell of the sensory bots
I call it smart, as I get sucked & tombed
In an ethereal world with development & growth
I constantly discover myself blind, mute & lost.


Erna Duspara 

What did we ever do 
before the mobile phone?
We were more human

and not in our own zone.

Our attention was never distracted 

by a ring or a text we were fully aware 
of our surroundings
from one place to the next.

Social gatherings 

were never interrupted
what modern technology 

has forever corrupted.


Karleen Hilton 

You need to breath, 
you need to see the sky
But you can’t because you are caught 

in other people’s lies. 

Call me now, tap to tag, 

like me please, share with spies.
You have no idea 

how beautiful it once was
With two tins and some string, 

call out from the street,

Pictures with a Polaroid, 

no moment for a pause. 

Bring on back the good old days, 

the simple times we had,
Only happy days filled with fun, 
real people in the sun, 
a kiss was felt right on the skin, 
and mouths were real with words of love.


Ramya Raghuraman 

Strangled by technology,
As we allowed it to consume us fully
Why blame the advancement 

as a whole ?
No one forced us 

to lose control !


Moheet Sunuwar 

The digital screen is like black hole
It sucks me in gradually
I am so stick to it
It feels itchy when i am out of it.

Sowmiya Kalyanaraman 

The creator becomes the prey
much to all our dismay
All it took
Was entanglement into the web of
The green eyed monster
And now the spider of social media
Has us all shook

Sulekha Pande 

The octopus of technology,
rules my psychology

Faith Dunsmuir 

by the sting 
of social media.


Aparna Goswami

Trapped in the web of virtuality, 
break free soon, 
else you will miss the reality!

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