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There are many, many things that are left without answers, without resolve, without conclusion. Many, many things that are left hanging, left half-chewed, left half-filled or half-covered. There’s a start, but no finish, an opening but no end; an endless question mark on things left unsaid.

A cradle, a web, a tangle of lines, always crossing but never stopping where they decide to lie. Endless- where you thought was the start was merely a knot, and both sides continue farther than you can dream.

What started this thread? This idea, this formation, this web.
Trying to find the beginning was like trying to find the beginning of a circle, or the rounded side of a square. Around and around, trying to move previous thoughts and ideas out of the way to figure out where this one specific idea started, until your fingers are entangled in a cats cradle; indisputably intricate. Was it meant? Was there a reason?
Further searching, further looking, and the cats cradle of fate only grows more entangled.

All I know for sure is that everything is connected. Solidly, thoroughly, without a doubt, Everything has connection. Just as a house has walls, a roof and floor, despite each part being different and separate, they’re all connected to form a home.

Perhaps there is no solid ‘why’ or ‘when’ or ‘where’ that ideas or actions come from. Perhaps there is only ‘before the thought/action/’ and ‘after the thought/action’, and ever after.

Fate is a finicky creature, and yet even accidents and mistakes are all a part of its design.

By Johny Grey

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