In Case Nobody Has Said This To You Recently Or Ever, I Hope You’re Proud Of Yourself

In case nobody has said this to you recently, or ever, I hope you’re proud of yourself. They say too much pride will kill you. Maybe. But too little of it is just as true. We get caught up, and keep the right words tied down too tightly. Listen to me; if you’re doing the best you can with what you have, and you’re evolving you’re fighting, and you’re still full of fire and feeling, well, be proud of that. You could’ve turned back a long time ago. But you didn’t. Nobody will ever understand your path. The rough roads and weather were yours to travel through, and you likely traveled them alone. You deserve people in your life who not only want to see you rise, but want to rise alongside you. You’re hard enough on yourself, please don’t extend a hand to somebody who takes it, only to hold you down. Your sins are paid for, lessons learned, scars adorned, and you’re free to fall again. It’s the broken hearted that place themselves together. That’s the kind of strength you should be proud of, in case nobody has said that to you recently. Or ever.
– J. Raymond

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