Be Careful Who You Allow In Your Life

Be Careful Who You Allow In Your Life
Raul Longoria

Be careful
who you allow in your life,
you will become them.

Sulekha Pande

Don’t touch poison ivy,
it’ll contaminate your soul,
don’t allow,
negative people into your lives,
they will turn you into coal.

Rinku Shah

We were destined to meet,
Whatever tune or beat.
Our connection
Is beyond explanation.
I see my reflection gazing at me,
Setting both of us free.
To give and receive
without judgement,
Through every moment.
Such a transference
Is a rare occurrence!

Karthik Parthasarathy

The touch of life
Removes all internal strife
The touch of love
Brings to the face, a nice curve.
The touch that causes miracle,
Definitely something mystical.
The special touch,
When down, my life’s crutch.

Sarrvesh Waran

It is no myth.
It is true.
You get influenced and changed
By whom you are with.
You may not realize it
In the beginning.
Beware and be aware.

Hrisha Paul

Coming out of individual worlds,
the first touch we experienced
was like a spark of light.
Within an instant
a part of mine became YOU
and a part of you
became ME.

Tahmina Yusuf

Things are not always as clear
as black or white;
sometimes we need to
step into the dark
to discover the light.

Debra Pry

Your love is poison
and toxic to my soul.

Jolee Baker Orosco

People either harm
or heal others,
starting with a touch.

Sunny Marie

It is you,
who pulls
the darkness
out of me,
When we touch.

Rocio Alvarenga

Darkness is infectious.

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