Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 9 October 2020

Caption This 9 October 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 27 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook PageFacebook GroupYouTube and Instagram as on 11 October 2020.


I am a reflection of everyone I come across.

Shilpika Bagh

How you see yourself defines you; than how others define you as they see.

Sherry Greene

As diverse as we all may be, we are still one big family.

Navroop Sarao

Everybody we meet in this life is a mirror to reflect our good and bad side, observe closely the message they convey.

Wayne Kelley

It’s best to able to speak with different people from all walks of life, to expand your experience and knowledge.

Shweta Malhotra

Don’t see yourself in others. You are you and you are Unique.

Anjana Surendran

Men may come and men may go its all the leftover lessons that help you grow.

Duchess Floexia

My reflection depicts different personalities that have shaped my dreams and opinions of the world.

Payal Beriwal

I can see the reflection of society in myself.

Annie Pleasure

Speak to someone who has different point of views. You’ll get the right advice.

Milana Vishwanath

The judgemental behaviour one possess,reflects the entire personality that he holds!

Manisha Chadha

There will be millions of opinions about you, but what matters is your opinion about yourself.

Bharti Suhas Bandal

Never judge a person based on your perception.

Subhashini Madasu

See beyond the appearance, you may find and learn new things!

Rinku Shah

I wondered like which one were you, From all the people I knew!

Patricia Rosso Bagshaw

When we look into our shadow, we are the reflection of whose lives we touched!

Anji Babu Vanka

The real beauty lies in embracing every race.

Kamlesh Bhasin

Mirror Reflects, what you see in others, exists in you…!

Linda S. Mansolf

The many people you meet in your life Leave an imprint on your soul….

Amrita Mallik

Try to discern the real faces behind the masked smiles, and you will never be aloof.

vaishali s

Within one man lies a billion of stories, experiences and personalities. Respect them and learn from them.

Embrace your vibes

We are One People, regardless of our diversity

A MiNi Sparkling

All the faces he met in his life, defined his image in the mirror!

Ashish Verma

You are the sum of all the people you meet which eventually reflects in your personality. Be wise to accompany good ones.

Sayali Naik

You are not a reflection of what the subjects decide… You are what you made yourself

Sanskruti Gudhe

Having multiple faces is good for survival until you forget which one is real…

Liisa Hope

Facing a reflection of the varied aspects of who I am; the constitution of my uniqueness.

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