Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 7 November 2020

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Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 31 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook PageFacebook Group , You tube and Instagram as on 9 November 2020.

Sherry Greene

You personally are the key to help stop the covid spread. Every one of you.

Lou Angelique

If the mask is the lock, then the responsibility is the key, so let us all do our part for us to again breathe easy.

Šaffiya Ånnu

Wearing a mask is requisite to prevent permanent locking of one’s life and happiness…!!!!

Mai Quesada

All over the world, the key of preventing the spread of the virus is by wearing a mask and a face shield!

Shraddha Jhanwar

Mask Is The Only Key, To Unlock The Door Of Freedom!

Lisa Dutkiewicz

The key to pulling your load to protect yourself and others is to wear a mask, regardless of what a burden you think it might be.

Avni Rahul Katakkar

Never try to veil and lock the torment by a narcissist, this might give them the spunk to unveil their evil.

Regina Bhandari Maini

One silence brings a solution to many problems

Ness San Co

When the whole world seems like it’s under lock and key, remind yourself that being at home with your family is the safest place to be.

Shilpika Bagh

Let that every “voice” be heard; “locked” within four walls unheard.

Chris Cooper

Mask compliance surrenders individuality, locking away each individual’s identity

Kanisha Shah

Mask has now veiled the smiles Reading eyes unlocks the new drift

Martha Mandaric

To fear the unknown is like living in the dark. Take the mask off and breath life in.

Shubha Bhandarkar

Let’s unlock love in our hearts and wear the mask of kindness, Let’s flatten the curve of hatred, envy and violence.

Mickey – Yang

Oppression, to silence our thoughts, our freedom, our voices,that causes depression, aggression, confusion, and unknown choices.

Manisha Chadha

Amidst the chaotic life, our emotions often remain locked inside us.

Lore Wee

Don’t let the fear of covid lock you isolated from your surroundings.

Matthew Diengdoh

Be responsible and wear a mask.Wearing one, you don’t have to wait to ask.The key to locked and stop this virus is our task.

Darren Marles

Want to unlock it? You are the key.

Sheela P M

Natures way of silencing people..Time for us to look into our inner-self & consciousness, We can ‘Listen to Silence’ and learn from it.

Archana Gupta

Mask or no mask depends on how you care about yourself and others!

Rose George

Lockdown and masks Have taught us the Power of silence

Samata Dahanukar

Silence is the key of wisdom.

Chandni Arora

“I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred Silent ways…..Just Listen”

Kufre Panther Stephens

Safety disguised as a mask could be the tragic end to freedom of expression. We need the key to stop this oppression.


“The choice is ours to use the mask as a lock or the key to ending the pandemic.”


The “key” to the ending is Wear a mask!

Vaishali A Mask

an safety & emotional barricade, to lock the emotions, so that no one will know how we feel.

Niranjana Shankar

The mask is not a restriction , its a protection. Might be locked down today , but it holds the key to a free tomorrow.

Shruti Garg

The whole world is ready to fight a virus, we have to lock the mask on our face to fight the virus.

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