Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 5 June 2020

Caption This 5 June 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption.

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 27 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Instagram as on 7 june 2020.

Kimberly Malin
Its a fine line between the heart and mind.

Rinku Shah
Heart vs. Mind:
If you can strike a balance between the two,
There is nothing more to do!

S Shrivastava
Blessed indeed is the one who can strike a balance between the mind and the heart…!

Sabbha Mondal
It requires skills to balance between heart and mind!!! Skills you learn through practice in your way of living…

Beverley Brealey
Life is a balancing act when making decisions between the mind and the heart

Preethi Sourirajan
Fine balance between brain and heart is needed to stand upright.

Faith Dunsmuir
Life is about balancing your thoughts and your feelings. It can be a fine line at times but when both are in sync life is beautiful.

Amrita Mallik
This 14-inch distance between the heart and the mind is the most difficult one to travel, and it becomes worse when you are a woman.

Ankush Yadav
Distance between mind and heart is small,
But difficult is to maintain balance Between them.

Smriti Tiwari
She found solace in attaining equilibrium with her mind and heart.

Carol Dault
Your worst battle is between what you know & what you feel!

Lou Angelique
Walking the fine line
between what your mind knows
and what your heart wants
is the most dangerous game of all—
be careful which way you fall!

Smruti Mohanty
He who has mastered the balance between the heart and mind in the ropeway of life is a true winner in the journey.


Anjana Surendran
Life is an art to balance between the head and heart.

Debashree Basak
Achieving the perfect equilibrium between heart and brain is essential for maintaining the powerful fulcrum of life.

Latika Saraf
Balancing between mind thoughts and heart’s emotions to take a well decision is an Art of life.

Sheena Gupta
One who has learnt to maintain a balance between the mind and heart can win the world.

Amanda Lau-Chinn
There is a connection between the heart and brain. You need both to achieve a balanced life.

Pooja Gupta
An apt coordination between mind and heart is the most difficult and tightrope journey.


Shrîsty Tèwary
Follow your heart but balance your decision with your brain.


Sushmita Prabhu
When you strike a balance between the heart and mind, you will experience self-realization.

Shraddha Jhanwar
Life is like Ropeway,
Which carries all the emotions from one end to another!

Anjali Arora
Life is a journey from mind to heart; distance is short but the victory lies in balancing the two.

Aayush Soni
Balancing between two genuine advisers that never fails to give life a new meaning.

Mercinel Gonda
It is always an arduous task to find the equilibrium between the mind and the heart yet it is never impossible if we are conscious and wary.

Balance can only be attained when our hearts and mind are kept in effort.

Jennifer Francis
Heart and Mind are the two ends of the same string. Walk with consciousness to maintain the balance, become unconscious and you fall!

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