Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 4 July 2020

Caption This 4 July 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 27 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook Page, Facebook Group  and Instagram as on 6 July 2020

Sudha Rani Pati

In Search Of Yourself… Never Ignore Your Loved Ones…

Depp Leslie

Elevate yourself… eventually those around you will begin to see your vision

Monica Sharma

Communication is much better than self-isolation to sort out differences amongst ourselves.

Mina Harker

So lost in your mind, you see nothing. Below, I wait, alone. Does it get lonely up there?

Rocio Lona

Scared to jump and leave negative thoughts and habits…… little does he know I will never let him fall. Unconditional love.

Madhu Sindhwani

Nature nurtures a visionary with creativity, visionary nurtures others with his ideas.

Rita Sorenson

The mind in Contemplation within the Tree of Life.

Anjana Surendran

She was left behind in his roots serving to the core only to realise his branches had no space in store for her.

Laetitia Ball

Seeing all possibilities, he’s viewing life from great heights while her tunnel vision focuses only on him.

Matthew Diengdoh

Like branches of a tree spread out overtime So does his thoughts grow in his mind Perched up in that branch of thought to get a better perspective Knowing there’s his woman admiring him and being supportive.

Priya Washikar

You pursued newer heights in the race against time. Leaving me behind to think, ‘Were not you always mine!’

Roccio Saldaña

Lost in myself and unreachable to those who care as I’m trying to find my way in this astonishing maze.

Shrîsty Tèwary

We’re different in our point of view That’s why it’s so hard to reach you.

Kim DeCocco-Sharon

A mind has many branches it just depends on who you let in

Loredana Pietrini

The apparent solitary mind that distance a man, is indeed an amazing trip to marvellous depths.

Shubha Bhandarkar

Never let the high altitudes achieved in the tree of your life change your attitude towards the one who helped you to get there.

Mangesh Mistry

Human brain is also like this tree, more u nourish with your positive thoughts more u will grow.

Pandi Selvi S

In the midst of the world’s great battle at times we forget the ones who think that we are their only world & eagerly waits for our return…

Beena Prasad

Captured in the false web of his unexpected fortune he deserted his own soulmate.

Avni Rahul Katakkar

She made him who he is today and, he left her alone where she was yesterday.

Lou Angelique

Your mind is like a tree I wish to climb, for there lies the answer I hope to find— knowledge of you so deeply rooted, sowing a love that is undisputed.

Sheela P M

Grow and reach to heights but stay always grounded. Your roots started from the ground

Amrita Raj

She felt ignored as she stood there gazing at him with all the love in her eyes while his mind was up in the clouds, lost in his own thoughts and ambitions.

Author Sid Kapdi

Never forget the one who helped you realize your dreams

Fatima Akram

Distance is not a problem as long as I treasure you in the paradise of my thoughts.

Tanu Joshi

Don’t lose the emotional connect, While you embark the tree of intellect.  

Onifade Oluwafemi. O.

When you live up to your own dreams, all by yourself, there’s someone out there, watching, loving you for what you do, how you do it and also wishing to lend a helping hand. That’s the beauty of nature.

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