Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 4 August 2020

Caption This 4 August 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 29 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook PageFacebook Group, and Instagram as of 6 August 2020.

Naomi Karsudjono

She follows her own path

Lou Angelique

It’s up to us, whether we win or lose, for we pave the way to the life we choose.

Nida Khwaja

Guide your thoughts for an easy and safe ride to prevent in your mind, the tide!

Neitu Mehtaa

Keep picking every piece of advice coming through your path.. you never know which will help you in reaching your destination.

Charlie Prince

The journey to self-discovery, is yours alone to take; but by leading by example, we show others the way.

Aditi Khattar

You have to make your own paths to reach your destination. The hard work required cannot be done by anyone else, but you.

Anji Babu Vanka

When you can’t find a path, create one.

Sheela P M

The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. Step by step make your way; Leave trails for others to follow the right way, Show them a proper way.

Roccio Saldaña

Guiding myself to a better horizon slowly but steadily.

Angela Lee

I will master a thriving and successful life by learning and experiencing my own pathways step by step.

Sonali Ray

I share my knowledge, my experiences with you; and tomorrow as you stride over them they’ll smoothen the sharp edges of your future.

Sheryl Lanthier

Happiness comes from being yourself and taking the time to create your own lane.

Rocio Lona

Don’t like the direction the world is going? Get out of your comfort zone and lead the way.

Susan Mayberry

Changing lanes can be subjective; lay down your own plan for life and be prepared to change lanes often.

Pauline Ebijimi

Nobody can explain your story better than yourself. You lay it as a footprint for others to follow.

Hend Hassan

Every path you walk in your life leaves a mark in your mind and soul so let it be a unique one

Angelo Crosby

You must create your own road to success and don’t stop until you get there…

Shweta Malhotra

Don’t get affected by What people say, Just Create your own Way.

Tony Hongyu Ang

Be a leader and not a follower! Create the right path so others can follow!

Sam Titi Pudumo

The true path to happiness and success is the one you create for your own individual self…

Roseann Danna Burger

Sometimes when you take your own path, thats how you succeed!

Vijeta Harishankar

Create your own path. Keep walking. One day Success will follow you!

Logan Coelho

If there isn’t a road towards your goals, provide one.

Chandra Sundeep

Step out of your comfort zone and create your own path.

Mildred Tauber

Building a road step by step to drive us into the path to arrive into this moment.

Kufre Stephens

Create your own path. Whether you win or lose, you will learn from the experience.

Ashish Verma

You have all the power within to carve your own way out of nothing and succeed.

Louise homer

This road leads no where for me, I choose to make my own path, live my own life and along the way help others find their own roads.


Don’t try to fit in society’s directions. Make your own path to drive to your destination!

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