Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 30 September 2020

Caption This 30 September 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

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Matthew Diengdoh

Home is a special place I hold in my Heart.

Navroop Sarao

Sometimes home is not a place , it is a heartbeats and the people who matter.

Cynthia Shifflet

Wherever your heart is there your home will be built on the foundation of love.

Sherry Greene

A loving heart is the finest home.

Faith Dunsmuir

The heart is the foundation of any loving home.

Kanisha Shah

Home is where your heart belongs.

Sukhvinder Bakshi

The love in our hearts reverberates in the house transforming it into our vibrant euphoric paradise.

Omkar Malandkar

House,Mansions or Forts are just walls of bricks but real “Home” built in someone’s Heart is always worth to live.!!!

Avni Rahul Katakkar

Let your heart be a home of affection & compassion!

Charlie Prince

The heart needs to be watered and nurtured, to grow;it is how you build the foundation, for a happy home.

Ravindranath Shivaram

To meet my Rapunzel.. I have to reach the castle… I do not find the lock of hair…. My efforts will not go bare… I step up,I latch on to creepers,push myself up against the window frame,to find my pace maker, Queen of my Heart ,in a peaceful chamber…..

Sagarika Sahoo

A divine home is not carved by concrete and bricks but strengthens by the hearts of people who reside in it.

Sheela P M

It takes hands to build a house,but only hearts can build a home.It’s the people and feelings that make a home, not a place.

Kadambari Vaibhav Powale

It’s not about how small the house is but how big the heart is which embraces everyone with love.

DrEkta Sachdeva

Like a precious casket, a heart treasures chagrin and felicity in its home safely.

Kamlesh Bhasin

Nourish the vines of your soul with joy of your heart to climb & reside in the beautiful Home of your dreams….!

Michael Hodder

A home can be a heart and a heart can be a home.

Tanu Malhotra

In my heart dwells my home, my family – staying with me always and forever.

Bandita Sinha

A caring and loving heart converts a house into a home.

Rupert Lambert

A true home is built from the foundations of your heart.

Ashish Verma

When home dwells in a heart,the roots of relations become intact and grows over.

Kufre Stephens

No matter where you roam, remember your heart will lead you home.

Aayush Soni

Best place to live is in someone’s heart . Rest are just myths.


There is a deep connection between my heart and home. The home is where my heart is at rest and peace.

Dolan Das

A pure heart filled with love, compassion, kindness, happiness can make the world as a beautiful and peaceful home.


Allow your self to feel what your heart desires because it knows when you’re finally at home.

N Browny

To find our true home we must climb the steps into our heart

Sobha George

A house is built of bricks and walls but a home is with love and dreams.

Be-YOU-tiful Nature Nurtures

Your Heart is the Home of your Soul What you feed it,will grow in it.

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1 thought on “Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 30 September 2020”

  1. My heart is a home to each one of your memories. Every time I see you , my flowers bloom with happiness in the garden of your faithful love. My emotions don’t feel homeless anymore because they have found a safe home to rely on and that’s your heart.

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