Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 24 September 2020

Caption This 24 September 2020

Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

Social media can look as if it’s giving a hand, Beware if it’s a magic wand or quick sand!

Sukhvinder Bakshi

Ascertain the right balance before getting further sucked into the entrapment of the virtual world.

Martha Mandaric

Immerse yourself, but don’t lose yourself in the darkness of cyberspace!

Ritu Deepak

Technology is like a mirage, you feel you have found your elixir but all it does is to pull you into it’s dark abyss!

Linda S. Mansolf

Don’t get caught in the abyss of your cell phone…

Amrita Mallik

Mobile is a pretentious benevolent inferno.

Sheela P M

Lost and drowned in the social media to an extent where you overlook to help your loved one getting drowned into darkness.

Amrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

Though social media bridges the gap, But real peace is not acquired by a single finger tap!

 Suveera Bellary Kusnur

Technology has pushed us into an abyss.

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