Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 24 July 2020

Caption This 24 July 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 28 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook PageFacebook Group  and Instagram as on 26 July 2020

Helen King

Cut the strings and don’t for one minute believe you won’t find better things… You are amazing.  

CA Pooja Kabra

Untangle yourself from the strings of dominating people ..otherwise, you will get entangled in their motives always.  

 Kanisha Shah

The puppet master hand is like the mind who plays the game of manipulating their victim’s heart.

Amrita Mallik

A scared man makes his own life miserable as he cannot cut the chords that tie him to misleading fear.

Vyvienne Chamberlain

Stop dancing to the tunes of others, you are not a puppet

Reena Maria

Being a victim of your own thoughts ..

Gayatri Shenoy

Manipulated like a puppet on a string, I have become just a plaything with no self-identity.  

Wilma Wiese

Fear can keep you hanging like a puppet on a string. Don’t get caught up in those strings!

Sulekha Pande

Being a puppet, controlled by others, is the most painful situation to be in.

Arecel Liwag Abando

Refrain from being someone’s puppet in your own show called LIFE.

Suveera Bellary Kusnur

Sometimes you are a puppet of your own cynicism.  

Angelo Crosby

We are all puppeteers, we are shaped and formed by the strings of our own manipulation.

Bhawna Himatsinghani

It’s all in your mind, you can set free if you let thoughts of freedom and positivity flow through your mind!!

Sheela P M

Never allow toxic people to pull you and control you; Learn to build walls and fences from their devices and vices, and you can snip off their strings of control on you.

Ruth Serrano

When your happiness depends on the control of others, you are never really happy. As early as you can, take yourself away from such control and live your life for happiness that cannot be dictated by others.  

Matthew Diengdoh

If truth be told Here is a person who’s so manipulative and love to control So beware and don’t fall into his fold Or like a marionette, you’ll get caught under the strings of his control

Shrîsty Tèwary

No one can control you aside from yourself, You’re not a puppet to be controlled by anyone else As well as, don’t control someone, they have their own freedom

Ro Hini

In the process of achieving someone’s desire…I’m losing myself!

Ketki Jalan

Don’t fall prey to inner fears. They will take command of your heart and mind.

Shraddha Jhanwar

Keep your life’s remote control with you!

Manisha Chadha

Entangled in the maze of life, you must fight out to survive!

Avni Rahul Katakkar

Never gives feed to your evil thoughts, they might end up making you their puppet.

Debashree Basak

Cut the strings of manipulation Only then can you shun the domination Terminating your frustration.

Archana Gupta

There are some people who make you dance on their turn, play with your emotions, and treat you like a puppet!

Lou Angelique

You are the master of your thoughts, and your mind is the puppet. In the darkness, don’t you get caught, for better days are up ahead.  


Stop being everyone else’s puppet, cut the strings and break free.

Ashish Verma

Cut the chords of toxicity and regain your felicity.

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