Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 23 November 2020

Caption This 23 November 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

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Sherry Greene

Doing the work for a child may cripple them as an adult.

Rinku Shah

Being a helicopter parent… Is a style that’s aberrant!

Nida Khwaja

Enable the child to learn at her own pace, Gaining knowledge, then, won’t be a difficult case.

Corrina Maurer Tercero

Because I won’t let you fail, you will never fully learn how to succeed.

Shweta Ankur Gupta

Don’t be a helicopter mother. Let your child build his own wings of learning to rise and shine in future.

Tsitsi Prudence

A parent should be a guide For their child’s sake, Not an overprotective shield, From a ‘possible’ mistake. Let them author their own story. Let them paint their own destiny.

Frances McCabe

Be patient, guide them, but let them do it on their own…they got this!

Rose George

Let learning be fun for Your child always. Never impose your ways, Through mistakes the child Learns and grows.

Mich Elle

Overhelping is not support.

Ravindranath Shivaram

Hovering around your children’s routine like a helicopter, Ends up in frustration and disaster…

Suman Singh

“Parenting is not spoon feeding your child but Showing the right path ,where they begin their own Journey.”

Shirley Wenske

“Mommy, my wings won’t ever work with your helicopter in the way.”

Pooja Gupta

Don’t pamper the child to the extent that her work becomes yours!

Pauline Ebijimi

Your job is only to guide the child, it’s not to take over the child’s life….

Matthew Diengdoh

Spoon feeding your child with your knowledge sometimes is annoying. It can be frustrating for her and leads to no learning.

Sheela P M

Be the guiding light to your child as a parent, Holding them too tight hinders their development.. and you will have to regret.

Deepa Bansal Goyal

Love her, guide her but don’t over possess… Let her fight her own battle, to achieve success…

Lou Angelique

No matter how difficult things get, a mother won’t ever give up just yet.

Bhawna Himatsinghani

Give space and time to let them bloom on their own.

Helene B. Leanos

Parents lead best by example, not force.

Carmelita Escaño Flores

Parenting isn’t dictating…it is guiding!

Avni Rahul Katakkar

Let your kids bloom in their own creativity , Don’t plunge the burden of your dreams on their little shoulders.

Susan Mathews

Don’t hover around your child, let the child do things in his/ her way, correct them, guide them if necessary.

Marcel Daniel

Perfect at its happiest.

Niranjana Shankar

Don’t hover over and make everything right, instead just stand behind and be a guiding light.

Kufre Stephens

Allow learners to explore their learning abilities. Self discovery is one of the best ways a learner can master life skills.

Aneet Mahajan

It’s not by imposing, rather inculcating willingness to learn, is what inspires a child; as learning is all about Focus.


Embrace me but accept my flaws. Let me breathe. Let me learn. Let me grow.

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