Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 22 February 2021

Caption This 22 February 2021

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 30 comments as Wise picks from our Facebook Page, Facebook Group, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn as on 24 February 2021

Rinku Shah

String the arrows that hurt you, To play music that will heal you!

Charlie Prince

Music is like medicine, that pierces through our veins; with the power to make you forget, all your ills and pains.

Linda S. Mansolf

Playing the music of your heart strings Can often be painful…

Khyati Segan

The greatest music is created by the souls that are wounded the deepest.

Elsabe Bosch-Brits

Music can turn emotional pain into notes of hope and healing.

Rose George

Pierced by the sharp pain Music is the remedy which Is healing and uplifting.

NJ Gatehouse

Those who have been pierced by the sharpest pain, create the most beauty for others to delight in.

Nazia Sultana

My songs are painful as my soul is scarred, listen to them with love while I sing them charred…

Felicia Renteria-Holmes

The deepest wounds often inspire our most beautiful creations.

Nancy Shurkoff

A rhythmic song of death she played, with each note sung you felt her pain. An angelic voice from heaven’s gate, gifted a heart cursed in love, ‘twas deemed her fate.

Navroop Sarao

Great art comes from great pain, if used constructively.

Robin Bitz

I play with my pain as if it’s a soothing musical instrument.

Sulekha Pande

The music the emanates from your pierced soul, Sounds the most melodious.

Sarah Jane Moscoso

The best thing about music, when it pierced your heart, it’s a work of art.

Arti Mathur

Turn your pain into a harp and play the music that heals your broken heart and injured soul.

Jon Slow

Allow the melody to emancipate your anxiety. The music of love is the best therapy.

Kathilynn Mills

I will turn the piercing arrows of heartbreak into a beautiful ballad of my life’s journey.

Lou Angelique

Like arrows through my being, music tugs at my heartstrings— every note soothes my soul as I let the melody take control.

Praveen Kulkarni

Create music for your soul from the pain given by others.

G side 4 life

Pain, if owned, can be the creative driving force behind artistic expressions that can help others.

Monica Mey

Listen, as I share musical notes of my heartstrings.

Suni Rose

The pain you feel creates the music others hear.

Amanda Matthaei

Some of the most beautiful songs come from people who are hurting.

Aneet Mahajan

Beautiful hearts have the tendency to create a world binding symphony, even with objects which hurts, thereby leading everyone to eternal bliss.

Donny Munoz

Strumming her pain with her fingers.


In the rhythm of life, even arrows of pain string soulful melodies!

Niranjana Shankar

He haunting melody that arises from the piercing pain.

Rebekah Win

Broken heart.

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