Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 20 September 2020

Caption This 20 September 2020

Robin Bitz

My soul is made up of an ocean of tears swept away by life’s current

Sarabjit Kaur

It is better to channelize your sorrows than drown in pent up emotions.  

Yawar Yunus

It is OK for men to cry. It reflects a sensitive heart! Get rid of the belief that it is “unmanly”.

Sonam Sahoo

We are made out of our tears that stand testament to our strength and tenacity!

 Chandra Sundeep

Bottling up my emotions, I am drowning in its weight.

Deepa Jandial

Vent out your emotions lest you get completely submerged in the vast ocean of tears!

Beena Prasad

No tank has the capacity to withstand your tear as much as your own inner self.

Shraddha Jhanwar

Don’t fill your life’s jar,With your tears,Come out of your fears,And just cheers!

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