Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 20 October 2020

Caption This 20 October 2020

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 32 comments as Wisepicks from our Facebook PageFacebook Group , You tube and Instagram as on 22 October 2020.

Sulekha Pande

All that inhibits you, Stems from within.

Dan Gooden

We are imprisoned by our own mind while trying to forever escape our world.

Fayçal TF

Your mind is your own jail if you let negative thoughts take control over you.

Danniee Siton Jr.

True comfort is in our minds. Do not get lock limping on the railing of thoughts. Relax and be free.

Renita Balsara Viegas

We are prisoned by our own thoughts.

Neetu Asnani Ayesha Dadlani

It’s all in the mind. Your thought pattern instructs you to be caged and feel like a prisoner or free yourself.

Angela Flowers Myung

Our minds are often the worst prison, regret the worst jailer.

Kanisha Shah

If you are unable to change and accept at the right time, life will imprison your mind for lifetime.

Wayne Kelley

Don’t get trapped in your own self imposed prison, focus and set yourself free.

Yolande Ward

Held captive in a cage of your own making? Don’t look outward for release, search inward for freedom.

Christelle Tiprez Angus

We are our own prison. It’s in our mind. The key is to change the way we think and change the way we act.

Ritu Deepak

Don’t be caged by procrastination, break the barriers and take action!

Kufre Panther Stephens

We are prisoners of our thoughts, caged by our own minds.

Roccio Saldaña

Don’t be cage in by your own fears.

Lynn Patricia

When a bird is caged you clip it’s wings, when a human is caged, they bury their dreams.

Angelo Crosby

I’ve come to realize that it is I who am holding myself captive with my own thoughts…

Melice Chan

No matter how strong we become, the cage build inside our own minds would never let us go easily.

Sheryl Lanthier

Deeply rooted self-imposed limitations can leave us feeling caged in.

Jennifer Holley

How much we could accomplish if we were to free ourselves from the cages that we build for ourselves!

John Williams

My thoughts entrap me

Sherry Greene

Negative thinking and rages Make self-imposed cages Been going on for ages Listen to wiser sages And turn to better pages!

Shilpika Bagh

A self-built mind “cage”; may “trap” you forever.

Janis Clarke

Our prisons are of our own making.

Anji Babu Vanka

Beware of intrusive thoughts As they limit your vision And confines you to prison.

Aneet Mahajan

Being caged by mind thoughts is the worst form of slavery; for freedom, find the ways to Think Free.

Ravindranath Shivaram

Do not be caged by the strands of your own entangled thoughts….


Overthinking imprisons your mind ….

Hamras Mhd

The ego is the cage, break it let the universe hold you.

Wesley Hamlet

Trapped in your own mental prison. Live, love and laugh.. Thinking too much tends to imprison way of living

Atharva Lodha

Trapping myself in the worst prison just because of the thoughts in my mind.

Secret Symphony

You’ll never be able to escape your mind. Better be open-minded or else you’ll be trapped in the prison of shallow thinking

Monica Mey

Your mentally encaged way of thinking has confined you from the greatness of your own expression.

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