Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 20 February 2021

Caption This 20 February 2021

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks

We have selected 27 comments as Wise picks from our Facebook Page, Facebook Group, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn as on 22 February 2021

Sherilyn Campbell

A great book is one of the greatest trails to adventure.

Urvi Mehta Kadakia

You can travel the places you’ve never been in books.

Chris Kirk

A book can take you on a journey as far as your imagination allows you.

Matthew Diengdoh

In between the pages of the book of your cycle of life, There should be phases where you travel and explore off the beaten paths.

Rinku Shah

Books pave the way to destinations yet to be known… To the reader the path will be shown!

Wayne Kelley

Knowledge will take you to destinations than you would never have access to otherwise.

Ramya Vivek

Books have the innate skill to transport you to a whole new world at their will.

Sheryl Lanthier

Inside the pages of every book is a journey waiting to be explored.

Dipanweeta Das

A ride with books takes on a journey to remember, garner and rekindle our inner wisdom.

Sherry Greene

So many books inspired me to travel where I am today, and where I’m going tomorrow.

Latha Prakash

As we unravel through every leaf of a book, we enter a new world and travel with it.

Khyati Segan

Books take me on journeys, on colourful adventures around the world.

Lorie Rogers

You are given an open road, each time you open a book.

Ruchika Bansal

Books are the vehicles that take you to a long journey of knowledge and wisdom..

Roi Jordan

Books can change the path of your future.

Tim Knight

the right book will take you on an incredible journey.

Sarah Jane Moscoso

No road is too long for a wanderer. Just as no pages are too many for a book lover.

Helene B. Leanos

Knowledge gathered from reading launches us to an endless adventure.

Aneet Mahajan

Magic of reading! Although one is stationary but the mind is journeying to the realms unknown, thereby leading to new experiences and wisdom.

Eilif Brakvatne

Your imagination can carry you on an endless journey through the pages of a good book.

The Smiling Simile

Let the pages of a book take you on a wild journey.

Sylvia McGuinness

Books, are the path to knowledge…and a never ending cycle to new horizons…

Uma Rani

Books transforms our path.

Shobhna Kanwar

Ride High and to far with knowledge.

Niranjana Shankar

Every book you read, Every page you turn, takes you on a journey of self discovery.

Josua Paul Francis Sacro

A thousand miles journey…..begins with a single page!

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